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Application Development and Oversight

Elevate your digital transformation endeavors through our application development and management services. Our team of specialists crafts tailored software solutions aligned with your unique business requirements, harnessing cutting-edge technologies and agile methodologies. Offering comprehensive services from ideation to deployment and ongoing support, we ensure smooth operations and continual enhancements. By availing our application development and management services, you can boost business agility, elevate customer experience, and foster innovation. Reach out to us to explore how our services can propel you towards your business objectives.

Our Offerings

Domain & Technology Consulting

Our domain and technology consulting services help you make informed decisions about your application development and management strategies. We collaborate closely with your team to understand your industry, business objectives, and specific requirements.


Application Development

Our application development services focus on creating tailored software solutions that address your unique business challenges. Our experienced development team follows agile methodologies to deliver high-quality applications with speed and efficiency.


Application Modernization & Enterprise Application

Application modernization is essential for organizations looking to revamp their legacy systems and embrace modern technologies. Our application modernization services help you transform and optimize your existing applications to align with current business needs and technological advancements.


Enterprise Data Transformation and Data Migration

Managing and leveraging enterprise data effectively is crucial for business success. Our data transformation and migration services ensure the seamless transfer of data from legacy systems to modern platforms, enabling you to unlock the value of your data assets.


Enterprise Mobility and Security

In the era of mobile and remote workforces, enterprise mobility and security are paramount. Our services focus on developing secure and user-friendly mobile applications and implementing robust security measures to protect your applications and data.

Xzaltek Advantage

We offer a distinctive combination of technical excellence, domain knowledge, and outstanding consulting skills to enterprises. Our main emphasis is on assisting businesses in constructing cutting-edge custom solutions and future-ready enterprise applications. With a dedication to rapid app development, customer-centric experiences, and robust security measures, we empower enterprises to attain their digital transformation objectives with cost efficiency. Partnering with Oorvi Systems provides businesses with a competitive advantage, leveraging our innovative strategies, shorter deployment cycles, and industry-leading solutions. Explore the unique advantages of Oorvi Systems as we guide your digital transformation journey, propelling your business toward success in the dynamic business landscape.

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